For what purpose?

AFIACARE helps you to manage the human dimension of your project, because digital transformation also entails an organizational and personal transformation of your teams.

“The only knowledge that can influence an individual’s behavior is that which he discovers for himself and appropriates

— Carl Rogers

What is executive coaching?

Coaching a person consists of guiding him or her to find the answers to the questions he or she asks and the problems he or she faces. The purpose of this coaching practice is a professional and personalized guidance aiming at increasing the responsibility and the self-reliance of the coachee in thinking and acting.

Example of a executive coaching:

  • Leadership & Talent Coaching
  • Coaching for a new position or a change of position
  • Coaching of young graduates
  • Develop communication within the company and the managerial posture
  • Increase self-reliance in complex situations
  • Etc.

Our Commitment

Coach Member of the International Association of Certified Coaches HEC Paris

Each coach exercising on behalf of HEC Executive Education and the International Association of Certified Coaches HEC Paris commits to act as a professional and to adopt a behaviour in respect with the ethical & deontological rules such as described in the Chart here below:

Timeline of a coaching assignment?

Our coaching process involves several steps:

Sequence of a coaching assignment 

The duration of a mission is 12 hours of follow-up in total, with 2 tripartite meetings of 1 hour and 10 sessions of 1 hour.

In order to progress efficiently, a frequency of 1 week between each session for the 1st and 2nd session, then 2 weeks for the 3rd and 4th sessions, then 3 weeks for the 5th to 10th sessions, is strongly recommended.

The total duration of the coaching assignment is 4 to 6 months.







per session

4 à 6 months

total duration
of the coaching


The location is up to the coachee and in agreement with his/her employer, it can be within the institution or outside, with a preference for a face-to-face meeting. Video-conference coaching sessions on Teams are possible upon the request of the coachee.

AFIACARE Coaching services

AFIACARE proposes three coaching formulas, both face-to-face and hybrid:

Included in each offer:

  • An 1 hour interview with the prescriber
  • An 1 hour interview with the coachee
  • Two 1 hour and 30 minutes tripartite opening and closing meetings

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